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WooCommerce webshop

A WooCommerce webshop is scalable and future-proof 

WordPress the engine of 70% of all websites and the fundament of many webshops.

With a WooCommerce webshop, you will get a user-friendly and flexible solution that is easy to set up than more advanced shop systems.

WooCommerce means fewer development hours and, therefore, a lower price. You will still get an excellent webshop for both small and big webshops.

WooCommerce is a popular webshop system that is used worldwide. This means there are countless plugins, extensions, and standard integrations for the system.

That is why it is easy to set up a WooCommerce webshop integrated with Economic, Dinero, and Shipmondo.

At VSI Group, you will benefit from sales-effective templates that make it even faster to set up a WooCommerce webshop.

In other words, you will be off for a good start with a solution that is good-looking and financially attractive, whereas a PrestaShop webshop is recommended for more advanced e-commerce platforms.

“With a WooCommerce webshop, you can kickstart your website or webshop effectively and cheap without compromising.”

– Mikkel Schmidt – CEO

A WooCommerce webshop is design, function and userfriendly in one!

  • With WooCommerce you get a platform that is extremely flexible. It is the most used platform for webshops in the world.
  • WooCommerce is an extensions to WordPress that transforms WordPress to a webshop solution. This means that your webshop will be based on the fundament of the WordPress platform which is used for about 70% of alle websites online – thanks to the many benefits of the system.
  • With WordPress as the foundation, you will get a gigantic fundament with the WooCommerce-platform. This means that there are many plugins for the system, making it fast and easy to extend your solution to specific functions. It could, for example, be a newsletter module “Other also bought” etc.
  • With a WooCommerce webshop, you are investing in the future. Not only do you have the most user-friendly and used platform for your webshop, but you can also benefit from the many highly skilled developers who will help you take your webshop to the next level. This means you can change suppliers without starting over, which is often a problem in closed shop systems. But not with PrestaShop. With a PrestaShop webshop, you will get freedom – when you get digital marketing of your new solution.

Open Source

WooCommerce is an Open Source solution, but a private company owns it. This means that you do not only have thousands of developers ready to help you worldwide, there is also quality control and testing of new development from the WooCommerce system itself.

For free

Open Source means that the platform is free to use. This means that there is no annual license fee to pay for the software, and you will get all the system updates for free. At VSI Group, you only pay for our time when we help you develop and set up your WooCommerce solution.

+1 mill

The most used webshop platform wordwide!

More than 10 years of experience with development of WooCommerce webshops.

Webshop and E-commerce

Get a webshop that matches your ambitions. Reach your customers with a tailored solution made to satisfy your customers. We develop webshops in acknowledged systems like PrestaShop and WooCommerce.


Appear professional and competent when potential customers visit you digitally. Get a WordPress website that emphasizes your credibility in a user-friendly and SEO-ready solution.


Rank #1 in Google and experience how great SEO can grow your business. Our work is based on the principle of how qualified traffic leads buyer-ready customers to your webpage. Get more visible online today.

Google Ads

Reach potential customers fast. Experience the effect of the enormous range of Google Ads on Google, Youtube, on apps, or re-marketing ads at Googles many partners.

Facebook Ads

Are you looking for a cost-effective Ad platform to advertise with value for money? Facebook Ads is the cheaper ads platform, where you can target a highly relevant audience with beautiful Ads.


Benefit from the potential of social media. With Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc., you can be seen, shared, heard, and sell your brand. Feel the effect of the popular network.

WooCommerce webshop
– The perfect and most popular solution

WooCommerce is a good choice for small businesses and webshops.

And with this, we mean that you will not get a platform suited for 20.000 products (for this, we recommend PrestaShop), but you will get a platform that is well suited for less complicated webshops.

The platform is the most used worldwide – with more than 1 million webshops based on WooCommerce!

When we talk about WooCommerce webshop being a good solution that fits most businesses, we refer to the system as very user-friendly.

It makes it easy to maintain categories and products, as well as you can easily blog, share news, etc.

Thanks to the convenient backend or the What You See Is What You Get design in the front-end editor.

Did we mention that WooCommerce belongs to the platform that has the most developers worldwide?

As a result of this, you can always find plugins, free tools, and extensions to the platform. This also goes for the excellent software integrations that are being developed simultaneously.

A WooCommerce webshop is, in other words, future-proof and provides easy access to the functions that are vital for your business – even for free or at a meager cost.

Contact us for a non-binding talk about WordPress WooCommerce.

Call us at +45 6990 1810 or fill out the contact formula – then we will return within 24 hours.