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When you visit our webpage, the webpage gathers data about you. We use this data to adapt and improve our content and create better ads. If you do not wish to share your data, you should delete your cookies and avoid using our webpage. In the following sections, we have elaborated on what kinds of data our webpage gather, the purpose of the information, and who can access these data.  



Our webpage uses “cookies.” They are saved on your computer or mobile with the purpose to recognize the device, remember the settings, create statistics, and target ads.  Cookies do not contain dangerous codes like viruses. 
You can always delete and block cookies. Follow this guide to learn how:

Sådan sletter du cookies og anden browserdata

If you follow this guide and delete or block cookies, the ads you see will be less relevant to you, and you will see ads more often. Furthermore, you are risking that the website does not function properly, and there will be content you will not have access to. The webpage contains cookies of third parties such as:

Google LLC
Facebook Inc.
Stripe Inc.
Hotjar Ltd.
WHMCS limited
Mailchimp Inc.
Kayako limited
Zoho Corporation limited


Personal information


General information

Personal information is all kinds of information that can lead back to you. When you visit our website, our website collects such data about you. For example, data is collected when you sign up for our newsletter, sign up for a competition/survey, register as a new user, and when you use our services or buy from our webpage. 

We typically collect the following information: A unique ID, technical information about your computer, tablet, mobile, IP-number, location, and what pages you visit. If you accept cookies and the terms and provide the needed information, we also collect: Name, phone number, E-mail, address, and payment information. The collection typically happens when you register as a new user or buy from the webpage. 



We treat your personal data with confidentiality and in compliance with the law. Your data will only be used for the purpose mentioned above and will be deleted when the purpose is achieved or when the data is no longer relevant. We have made technical and organizational measures to ensure your data will not be lost, publicized, altered, or misused in any way. This is also against Danish law.



The data is used to identify you as a user and show you ads relevant to you, register your purchases and payment, as well as to provide the services you have demanded, (e.g., when you signed up for our newsletter or survey). Apart from that, we use the information to optimize and improve our services and content.


How long do we keep the data? 

We keep the data in the legal period allowed. And we delete the data when they are no longer relevant or necessary. How long this period is, depends on the given data and circumstances of data storage. Because of this, it is not possible to provide an exact overall time estimate on how long we keep the data before deleting it.


Disclosure of information

Data regarding your use of the website, which ads you see and click on, geographic location, gender, age, etc., is passed on to third parties if we have the information and use the third parties. You can read who the third parties are in the section “Cookies” above. The data is only used for advertising.

We use third parties for the handling of data. The third parties only handle data on our behalf. They are not allowed to use them for their purpose. 

Passing on personal data like name and E-mail etc. will only happen if you consent to it. We only use third parties in the EU or in countries that can provide sufficient data protection. 


Insight and complaints

It is your right to get informed on which personal data we handle regarding you in a normal format. (data portability). You can at any given time make objections against the use of your data. You can also take back your consent of us using your data. If the data is wrong, it is your right to have them changed or deleted. All inquiries in this regard:

If you wish to complain about our handling of your personal data, you can contact Datatilsynet. If you no longer want us to handle your personal data. Or if you want to limit the handling of your data you can also contact us on the E-mail mentioned above.



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