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Facebook advertising

Reach your target group with effective Facebook advertising

Did you know that Facebook has more video plays than YouTube and more regular users than Google!

Facebook is a huge social network that has almost unlimited data on its many users.

With Facebook Ads, you benefit from this huge information and target your products specifically to potential customers with the right interests. 

Because Facebook is so popular and is used almost by everyone, it is an exceptional platform to target all kinds of people. You can target both the employer and the decision-maker in your target group, look-a-like target group, or specific segments based on demography, geography, and other predefined characteristics.

And the eye-catcher? Both Instagram and Facebook invite you to advertise and engage via attention-creating text banners, dynamic carousels, and video.

Do not forget the possibility to make effective remarketing Ads, as we do with Google Ads. Facebook remarketing ads provide you with a unique possibility to track users who have visited your webpage and shown interest in your products or services.

You can also focus strategically on the seasonal products your customers bought last summer. 

Do data-based and accurate marketing sound interesting? Let us set up a Facebook Pixel and make eye-catching campaigns for you!

”Did you know that Facebook has more video plays than YouTube and more regular users than Google!!”

Achieve great results with Facebook Ads!

  • We make sure the campaigns target users who have abandoned items in their shopping carts or have previously shown interest in your products/services with effective marketing campaigns. 
  • Did you know we can import all of your products on Facebook and make dynamic carousel campaigns? In other words, we can show your potential customers the products they have already looked at on your webpage. Say hello to qualified marketing with high relevance!  
  • We have special-developed tools that, via Facebook’s API, give access to a much wider range of interests than the options Facebook Ads Manager provides. This allows us to target more specific interests and increase conversions of your campaigns.

Video Ads

Video Ads are effective when you use them the right way. Dynamic pictures creates greater interest and higher engagement compared to other types of Ads from other platforms. 

Product feed

We develop dynamic and intelligent Ads that show your potential customers what the have already looked at in your webshop. 

FB Ads

Combine Facebook Ads and Google Ads for a great union. 

Webshop and E-commerce

Get a webshop that matches your ambitions. Reach your customers with a tailored solution made to satisfy your customers. We develop webshops in acknowledged systems like PrestaShop and WooCommerce.


Appear professional and competent when potential customers visit you digitally. Get a WordPress website that emphasizes your credibility in a user-friendly and SEO-ready solution.


Rank #1 in Google and experience how great SEO can grow your business. Our work is based on the principle of how qualified traffic leads buyer-ready customers to your webpage. Get more visible online today.

Google Ads

Reach potential customers fast. Experience the effect of the enormous range of Google Ads on Google, Youtube, on apps, or re-marketing ads at Googles many partners.

Facebook Ads

Are you looking for a cost-effective Ad platform to advertise with value for money? Facebook Ads is the cheaper ads platform, where you can target a highly relevant audience with beautiful Ads.


Benefit from the potential of social media. With Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc., you can be seen, shared, heard, and sell your brand. Feel the effect of the popular network.

The difference between Facebook Ads and SoMe advertising

Many confuse Facebook Ads with SoMe. They are two different disciplines within the same ecosystem. There are, however, similarities. The two can easily walk hand in hand but Facebook Advertising and SoMe marketing are two different things. 

Facebook Ads

Facebook annoncering er ligesom Google Ads reklame, hvor man betaler pr. click – og derfor hører det under kategorien “PPC”, som står for Pay Per Click. Derved bliver det også en decideret annonce, da man netop betaler for det.

SoMe er det vi kalder “organisk” markedsføring, hvor det handler om at dele og poste godt content på sin væg – hvilket i teorien er gratis (fraregnet tidsforbruget på opgaven).

Den store forskel på Facebook annoncering og SoMe er med andre ord, at Facebook ads er noget man betaler for, hvorimod SoMe er gratis.

Når det er sagt, er der dog mange, som køber SoMe som en service, fordi det er tidskrævende hele tiden at lave spændende indhold og dele det. Netop dér kan SoMe og Facebook annoncering supplere hinanden fantastisk, da man kan booste og lave annoncer baseret på det indhold man deler som SoMe indhold.

Vi hjælper dig med at skabe balance mellem organiske delinger og Facebook annoncering til din målgruppe. Vi tilbyder naturligvis også at varetage din Instagram annoncering og reklame – enten selvstændigt eller som en del af vores Marketing Hero koncept, hvor et dedikeret team skræddersyer din marketingstrategi for maksimal eksponering og konvertering.