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SoMe marketing

Social Media

Be social. It will pay off!

SoMe are more than just fancy bureau talks of ”social media.” The SoMe universe is a unique environment for people who wish to strengthen their brand and sell their products or services! And it is for free – well, almost free.

Because it takes time to build and administrate your profile on social media. VSI Group offers professional and result-creating SoMe marketing. We make your products and services likable for the right target group.

Do you need a bureau for that?

Not necessarily. All of our clients have in common that they have realized how time-demanding SoMe marketing is. Marketing on social media requires you to constantly update your profiles with new and engaging content that your followers find interesting.

As a result, social media marketing often ends up not being prioritized in most businesses which is a shame as SoMe create interest, engagement, brand loyalty, and new customers.

SoMe marketing creates more value than you think. Apart from people sharing many exciting things that engage potential customers, you can also use social media to attract and hire new and excellent staff. Social Media paint a good picture of your company – if prioritized.

We recommend that you take care of the business and let a professional bureau take care of branding it on social media.

We create balance in your business profile, build your brand professionally and trustworthy by activity, and make posts based on professional graphic work and effective text ads.

”SoMe creates interest, engagement, brand loyalty, and in the end new customers.”

We are your new SoMe bureau

  • Get text, graphic, banners, and video posts on your social platform and lead your target group directly to your website.
  • Get results through effective hashtag-strategies for increased reach and exposure.
  • Make giveaways and competitions to get reactions, shares, and reach further!
  • Get scheduled, and automatized campaigns, content and ads shared on your platform continiuously, and your target group sees an active and relevant brand.

SoMe videos

As a client at VSI Group, you will benefit from the work of both animators and videographers. We produce and edit videos that show your business with the same professional quality you see in TV commercials. The result is trustworthy and effective ads.

SoMe konkurrencer

Use the benefits of competitions and create attention around your business. Competitions are cost-effective campaigns that ensure you a lot of exposure and activity. Competitions give many visits to your website as you can use for remarketing campaigns.


Engage your followers and keep them interested in your brand while you grow your platform simultaneously.

Webshop and E-commerce

Get a webshop that matches your ambitions. Reach your customers with a tailored solution made to satisfy your customers. We develop webshops in acknowledged systems like PrestaShop and WooCommerce.


Appear professional and competent when potential customers visit you digitally. Get a WordPress website that emphasizes your credibility in a user-friendly and SEO-ready solution.


Rank #1 in Google and experience how great SEO can grow your business. Our work is based on the principle of how qualified traffic leads buyer-ready customers to your webpage. Get more visible online today.

Google Ads

Reach potential customers fast. Experience the effect of the enormous range of Google Ads on Google, Youtube, on apps, or re-marketing ads at Googles many partners.

Facebook Ads

Are you looking for a cost-effective Ad platform to advertise with value for money? Facebook Ads is the cheaper ads platform, where you can target a highly relevant audience with beautiful Ads.


Benefit from the potential of social media. With Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc., you can be seen, shared, heard, and sell your brand. Feel the effect of the popular network.

SoMe marketing is more than just Facebook!

A lot of people think that SoMe marketing is all about Facebook ads. This is not the case!

SoMe stands for Social Media and covers all social media platforms in this category – platforms for both individuals and businesses.

The most popular platforms in Denmark are Facebook and Instagram, which we also get the most inquiries about.

However, our SoMe competencies also cover Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, and even WhatsApp!

The more platforms you wish to be active on, the more time-demanding the SoMe marketing will be.

As a result, the time you spent on SoMe increases, and it gets very time-consuming. That is why you should let a professional bureau take care of your SoMe activity.

Most of our clients choose to focus on Facebook and Instagram, and LinkedIn if they are a B2B business.

Do you want to hear more about how your business can profit from SoMe activity and campaigns? Contact VSI Group and talk to one of our experts today.