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Google Ads bureau

Ads worth your money!

Google ads makes it possible to reach out to your target group via banners and videos from partner websites and text ads on Google’s display network.

Google ads Search Network is the most known platform to get your ads shown in Google’s search results – on the top of the page! Furthermore, you have Google Display Network and Google Shopping.

You can use Google’s display network by advertising with more lively ads like banner and video ads. By doing this, your ads stand out, which can increase your click rate.

Google’s Display Network is also used for ‘Remarketing’- This function makes it possible to target your visitors with your banners when visiting other websites after visiting yours.

Why is this a good move? Because you re-target visitors who have already shown interest in your service and products, which can increase your income significantly.

And do not forget the new and effective opportunities with Google Shopping – a new network that has grown into the most effective network for webshops in no time.

If you set up your product feed right, you can show off your products directly in Google’s search results.

You can indicate information like size, price, stock status, etc. and make your visitors ready to buy before they even visit your webshop.

“Google shopping can reach up to a total of 80% of your income if it is set up correctly.”

Google Ads

  • As a Google Ads bureau, we document everything via tracking – like your income on a specific ad. 
  • Paid Ads allow you to easily adjust your marketing if your income is based on seasons. Keep it low outside your high season and go all-in in your high season. We are here to help you adjust your budget and settings!
  • As a Google Ads bureau, we know the Google Ads interface and optimize all ads, so your campaigns always do well and get good results. Your very own Ads Specialist keeps you in the loop with relevant data and keeps you updated.


Remarketing is effective branding. We can ensure that your visitors see your banners, ads, and videos across channels again and again.

Google shopping

Google Shopping is an absolute must for webshops. It has become the most effective way to get new orders! If you own a webshop, we will help you get started and make sure you get all the benefits of the concept.


We can track the effect of the marketing initiatives with Google Ads. Forget about the guessing and say hello to insight.

Webshop and E-commerce

Get a webshop that matches your ambitions. Reach your customers with a tailored solution made to satisfy your customers. We develop webshops in acknowledged systems like PrestaShop and WooCommerce.


Appear professional and competent when potential customers visit you digitally. Get a WordPress website that emphasizes your credibility in a user-friendly and SEO-ready solution.


Rank #1 in Google and experience how great SEO can grow your business. Our work is based on the principle of how qualified traffic leads buyer-ready customers to your webpage. Get more visible online today.

Google Ads

Reach potential customers fast. Experience the effect of the enormous range of Google Ads on Google, Youtube, on apps, or re-marketing ads at Googles many partners.

Facebook Ads

Are you looking for a cost-effective Ad platform to advertise with value for money? Facebook Ads is the cheaper ads platform, where you can target a highly relevant audience with beautiful Ads.


Benefit from the potential of social media. With Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc., you can be seen, shared, heard, and sell your brand. Feel the effect of the popular network.

Invest in marketing that creates results

One of the great advantages of Google Ads, contrary to other types of marketing, is that you can track everything with data.


In other words, you have full transparency in terms of your outtake on your marketing initiatives. We document everything to the smallest detail, so you know what you get from our marketing.


We will make sure to track orders, income, and know your turnover per order.


If you do not own a webshop but a regular website, we will typically track from contact formulas and calls to track how many leads we get.

From an average conversion percent and the average turnover of an order, we can calculate the maximum price of a lead to ensure your campaigns always have a surplus.

In other words, we always keep an eye on your ads. In this way, you can always expect a surplus in your monthly ad budget.